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HI Manish,

My brother, me and my parents have been falsely implicated in a 498a case. We are all Green card holders are in United states. FIR has been registered in Delhi and we are trying to obtain AB presently. Since you are a tremendous resource I would like to run a few things by you via email. Can you please share your email id if you don't mind? Please keep up the amazing work you are doing. I cannot tell you how much of service you are doing to the society in making us all aware of this draconian law.


Dear Manish

I just passed by your website. You are doing a great job!!! Very cogent posts / web pages, simple to understand and easy to navigate!! Keep up the good work. For my part I have been blogging and active on facebook, groups etc. I wished to acknowledge and appreciate your good work, hence this mail. All the best brother ...all the best in your endeavors.


Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn't given up, Male, activist

Dear Vinayak

Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot since they come from a person like you who has been writing about these issues for almost a decade now. I will try to put up more work in the months to come.

Manish Udar


I've found your website and I am very happy to see you give free legal advice to unfortunate Indian men. I have read a few of them and was really impressed by the level of legal knowledge and analysis of current and possible future legal scenarios etc. by you and the lawyer. I also really like that you alert the asker about any unexpected scenario that might happen and how to prepare for them too. So I want to thank you and the lawyer, for your good effort. I hope many trapped and victim husbands find your help to save their money, sanity and dignity.

The pendulum has really swung too far in favor of women in current legal scenario. I really have nothing against them and I also believe that true female victims of abused marriage should be able to prosecute their spouse. But I am also a realist, I also do not think it would be possible for anyone to completely stop crime or false allegation of crime by raising awareness. That's why I can not be too much angered about false accusers, because they are just trying to exploit a faulty system. Its human nature to exploit anything they can. We have been like that for millions of years. What angers me is that society is rewarding such behavior instead of punishing it. I do not think that I have to tell you more as my thoughts are exactly the same line as described in your article titled 'Why does 498a / 406 happen?'

Anyway, I have found all about feminazi ways before I found your website thanks to MGTOW community. If you do not know what that is, search it. It is basically a group of men who do not want to marry at all and stay bachelor forever. I consider myself one of the lucky few, who has seen it the way it actually is. Not the way society, media, popular opinion would like one to believe. I am among the few who have washed their hands off marriage completely.

A Man Going His Own Way (MGTOW)

"I never thought that legal thought in India would be so advanced." (A reader nicknamed Ragzhyder commenting on another website about the article 'Typical Wives who make 498a Complaints'.)

"Hats off for your great website. Your work is very original."

(A reader calling in from USA.)

Dear Manishji,

I must thank you and congratulate you on a brilliant article on the importance of AB. It has given me information which even my lawyer did not inform me.

Thank you
'Jitendra Gandhi'

Dear Mr. Manish,

I really appreciate the amount of information that you have given on your website. It is indeed a (lot of) hard work.

'Vinayak' (An NRI reader)

"Thanks for this website and the excellent details provided."

AJ (A reader from the UK)

"It is great to read your very informative articles for which i thank you from the bottom of my heart."

'Vishal Badrinarayan', Hyderabad

Hi Manish.

I can't thank you enough for all the excellent and important information on your website.

'Manish Taneja'

Dear Manish,

I have a very high esteem for the persons, dedicating part of their lives to society. I have seen your post on the internet and was impressed.


Dear Mr. Manish,

I just read the article posted by you on the below link, It was certainly informative.


Dear Manish ji,

I have gone through website:
I found the information very useful

'Shriram Singh'

Hi Manish,

Read your article about CAW Cell Process, very informative.

'Kavita Singh'

"Great writing. Inspirational. Should be read by all visitors to this forum."

(Comment (paraphrased) by a reader on a webpage on another site where someone posted a verbatim copy of my article titled 'What is to fear in a 498a Case?')

I read your awesome site and gained some strength.

'Kuljit Rahane'

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