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1) I/We do not collect any personal information through this website except that which is sent or provided by users who wish to contact us, and which they send or provide to us on their own.

2) As far as I am aware, my site does not place any cookies on your computer.

3) Third parties like Google and Disqus inter alia and their websites inter alia may place cookies on your computer or device when you visit this site. Check their privacy policies if you wish to find out what they do with such cookies.

4) You may follow me on google plus using the author link at the bottom of every page, in case you wish to follow my public posts on that network.

5) If you ask any question(s) using the question and answer service then the answer(s) may be published on this website for the benefit of readers. Your name and personal details may or may not be deleted from your questions, or modified before publishing, and you yourself are responsible for making all attempts to make yourself unidentifiable to any reader of your question and the answer to your question.

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