Reasons Why India Urgently Needs a Sexual Revolution

"If I had my way I would have a threesome every time I have sex. Even if you are doing it with one person you could use an pass some lube or water." Sara Jay
I have taken the liberty to use the word 'urgently' in the title here. This is quite simply because I feel that this is an urgent need. You can read an article about sexual revolutions and the Indian context here.

1) To start the beginning of the end of the practice of marriages for the sake of getting access to sex– Marriage is a serious step and should be given greater sanctity by law than at present in this writer's opinion. But such changes in law can only be permitted after we as a nation reach a stage whereat people are free to marry only people who they really care for, and not to marry just for the sake of getting sex at last or getting sex regularly or even just getting absolutely any kind of sex at all.

2) Ultimately to end the practice of getting married for the sake of being married– The general population will evolve emotionally as more and more people enter the sexual revolution, and it will not take a long time before significant percentages realise that marriage is a sacred bond, not a necessary or ritual status.

3) To decrease the number and frequency of sexual crimes against women and children– Note that the sexual crime rate is lower in countries which have experienced a sexual revolution. This is a general rule though I am pretty sure that it cannot be called a strict rule, mostly perhaps because of the sorry example presented to us by South Africa with its phenomenal rape statistics. (Here this writer might venture on a branch to wonder why South Africa was considered as one of countries from which we should learn how to control rape by the committee headed by the late learned Chief Justice of India in early 2013. There is talk in certain circles of medical negligence or something which led to Justice Verma's death due to heart or liver failure.) Further it is necessary to mention here that if you make the definition of rape very stringent then many countries which have experienced sexual revolutions will enter the category of countries with phenomenal rape rates. This is mainly due to the practice of people getting drunk before getting laid –prevalent in dozens of countries last I bothered to check.

4) To end the sexual oppression of single women (and men)– The percentage of widows/widowers, and divorced/single people in our country who undergo years or decades of involuntary celibacy is close to one hundred. This percentage will come down drastically once our country gets its sexual revolution going. Such involuntary celibacy is self-imposed by women due to oppressive social norms imposed most strongly by sections of society which have long been enjoying their own private sexual revolutions but are too narcissistic to share such liberation with the general populace. Men have no choice but to follow the laws and cultural norms imposed by such forces upon them and upon women if they wish to stay out of jail. Here you might wish to look at Manu's theory of a husband's ownership of his wife's vagina even after he dies, discussed elsewhere on this website.

5)To end the export of terrorism from Pakistan to India– Note that the few countries which have denuclearised themselves voluntarily are all countries which have experienced sexual revolutions. I am referring here to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and South Africa. In the case of South Africa note that the people who made the decision to denuclearise were people who were and are sexually liberated and at the same time do not belong to the locally (i.e. in their 'own' country) and globally despised set of South African rapists. It is pretty clear to any psychiatrist that people who cannot get sex release their energy in harmful ways. This is what Pakistan is doing to its whole neighbourhood. They are ****ing us just because they cannot **** each other.

Once an Indian sexual revolution gets going the Pakistanis will start wishing to imitate us just like they have imitated us in various social revolutions ever since the dawn of the satellite television age. I am referring to the copycat phenomena of a relatively free media, independent judiciary, and a democratically elected government handing over power to another democratically elected government without demur. Take it from this writer that they will copy our sexual revolution and will get off our backs at last.

6) To end the oppression of employees by employers– In India people are usually exploited by their employers. The majority of those people who are accepting shabby treatment due to an absence of choice will stop accepting shabby treatment from narcissistic life partners / significant others pretty soon after the Indian sexual revolution starts. They will then realise as a people that we are not born to accept garbage from our employers. Here the perceptive reader might question as to how such rejection of exploitation will materialise in the absence of choice in avenues of employment. This is a worthy objection, but it is this writer's conjecture that we will be successful to a reasonable degree in the effort to end exploitation by dint of the sexual revolution just like most countries which have experienced sexual revolutions.

7) To end the oppression of Indians by foreigners– This follows from, the above point. When our people realise that they do not need to tolerate garbage from Indian employers, they will start to think about the exploitation they face from foreign employers or foreign buyers/importers/visitors, and the end of this sort of oppression will come nearer.

8) To make every Indian feel like a movie star or a member of the English speaking rich section of society– Most Indians fantasise about being like a movie star. Movie stars in turn fantasise about belonging to the English speaking rich layer of society. Witness the oncoming megastardom of the ultimate iconic male representative of the English speaking rich layer of society, Ranbir Kapoor. The man is capable of playing nobody except himself in a movie, but this is sufficient to make him as big a star as any we have seen in the past, mark my words.

Likewise witness the superstardom of Kareena and Katrina.

All these people are stars because they are idolised and envied and are real life or fantasy role models for large sections of our society; and this is because they live in a world where the sexual revolution has taken place. Almost every Indian will be in a position to feel like a movie star once our government and society set our sexual revolution in motion.

At the end of this point let me mention two recent statements by female movie stars in India which indicate that even they feel oppressed here. Ekta Kapoor said that India is an extremely sex-starved country. Sonakshi Sinha said that you can be yourself in a foreign country, and that here people are constantly watching you, judging you.

9) To accelerate personality development in our people– Most Indians feel that the typical foreigner is more sophisticated than the typical Indian. This is because of two reasons. The first reason is that most Indians conjure up the image of a person who belongs to one of the large number of countries which belong to the set of countries which have experienced a sexual revolution.

The second reason is that an average person from such a country is generally more sophisticated than the average Indian citizen of the same age. Come to think of it, what is sophistication other than the ability to attract someone without being attracted to them, or to attract someone while giving the impression that you are not seriously attracted to them? This ability can be gained in the shortest time only by continuous interaction with a number of members of the opposite sex.

10) To end the image (prevalent at home and in other countries) of Indian men as unsophisticated persons– No serious observer will dispute that Indian men are considered to be not very sophisticated, or even crude by most women in Indian and most people globally. It is axiomatic that once they become sophisticated they will start to be regarded as being sophisticated.

11) To stop the humiliation of learned men and achievers in India– There are many learned men and achievers in India who have lately been humiliated by the media subsequent to accusations of sexual misconduct. This happens due to the devious routes that men in our country are forced to take when trying to engage a member of the opposite sex. The required secrecy creates room for false or narcissistic allegations triggered by a sense of entitlement gone wild. I mean in which mentally normal and sexually evolved country can you find an example of a top level legal expert being accused of sexual assault by a hero worshipping novice lawyer at the end of a soft chat about rare legal points over a couple of drinks, with one gentlemanly overture? Do we want such men to rot in our jails or do we want them behind lecterns in our universities? It is time to have a sexual revolution.

12) To stop the possibility of bribery by the route of sexual favours– Did you hear about the case of the Delhi high court judge who was allegedly bribed with the company of about five dozen prostitutes? How about the accusation which initially flew against the co-pilot of MH370? That he might have allowed some women inside the cockpit? You will never hear such things about French or English men. In fact I have it from a reliable source that there is an Englishman who seduces women to extract secret information from them. I can't remember his name but it sounded like double oh James or something similar to me.

13) To improve the personal hygiene standard of the average Indian man– Here the operative word is average. Do not feel offended dear Indian reader because you are surely above average in your cleanliness. To cut the chit-chat, Indian men will become more conscious about their personal hygiene if they are able to interact with women like normal men and not like eternal suspects.

14) To make our cities safer for lovers– Remember that cities which are safe for lovers are safe for women, children, the mentally weak, and the disabled. Don't we want our cities to be places where a couple in a clinch is given a wide berth by all and sundry, just like in every European capital? Who thinks that civilised people from civilised countries will give India extra points for arrest or detention of lovers for lewdness if they engage in a public display of affection?

15) To occupy a seat on the high table of culturally advanced nations– Why is India considered a culturally backward nation? Why do people come here to see exotica or quaintness? Why cannot we be considered as culturally advanced as say even Bosnia and Herzegovina, the land of Srebrenica? This is because our women cannot dress like modern women without being accused of looseness. Because we cannot treat normal interaction between adults as just that, and we always try to give it some or the other colour. We need a sexual revolution to get out of this time warp, and we need it urgently.

16) Third rate actresses and models who are too lazy or incompetent to do anything except expose a bit of skin will stop becoming national crazes– Well perhaps this is hoping for too much, but yes there is a distinct possibility that such women will stop getting incredible amounts of money as fees for appearances in advertisements, events, movies etc.

17) Marriages for the sake of creating a cover for ongoing romances will become a thing of the past– Yes dear readers, it is true that there are many Indians who have entered matrimony with innocent persons just to stop constant pestering/suspicion from parents who these persons knew would be unable to accept their secret sexual liaison with somebody. This phenomenon will decrease at least by fifty percent, this is my estimate.

18) Consumption of pornography will go down drastically and masturbation will stop being the national hobby as far as most young men are concerned– This will happen first and number 16 will happen as a consequence. Waste of national time and energy will decrease substantially.

19) The two halves of our population will work better with each other as a team– This is self evident one hopes. If men and women start interacting like normal adults instead of like guilty eight year olds they will surely learn to appreciate each other's personal qualities at an individual level. This phenomenon multiplied by six hundred million will cause a number of revolutions including in education, industry, national defence etc.

20) Suicide rates in some states will decrease– Tamil Nadu has a phenomenal suicide rate. This is in part due to the extreme segregation of the genders in that state. A sexual revolution can ensure that this suicide rate goes down.

21) Neuropsychiatric / mental health in the general population will improve– This writer can tell from person experience that a sexual relationship is a great cure for epilepsy. What medicine cannot cure, love can. General mental health is a part of neuropsychiatric health, and is bound to improve if the outcome mentioned in the title of this article is achieved.

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Last updated on 07th May 2014
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