Typical Complaint/FIR in 498a (Part 2)

I could not have any personal conversation with my husband since whatever we discussed he used to tell everything to his mother, even small things like abc is washing clothes, abc is ironing the clothes, abc had an apple etc.

I tried discussing my husband's strange habits with my mother-in-law directly and as a friend. I spoke to her explaining everything and I told her that it Is not a short term relationship, and I have to stay with him and you. I explained everything about my husband that he does not have bath at all, he does not brush his teeth, he tends to forget things very fast, he does not want to go out with me. I even told her that I can't have any personal conversation with him as he tells her everything. I spoke to my mother-in-law as a friend thinking that I will get some positive resolution. Instead of helping me out she abused me saying that you are married to him now, you have to stay like this, and you don't have a choice. She threatened me that if you don't keep quiet you will have to face the consequences.

On xx/yy/20zz my mother-law said that is your husband wife relationship normal? I said that it is normal that there is no problem. She said that remember that the purpose of marriage is to have children. You cannot have children if you do not want to try to have children. I was shocked to hear this. How can a mother-in-law talk to her daughter-in-law like this? My mother-in-law used to say those things to me which no one could say to her daughter-in-law.

On xx/yy/20zz, my husband fought with me in filthy language without any reason or provocation and said that this marriage is finished since I am a useless cook and am not giving him enough to eat, and he slapped me 2-3 times in front of my mother-in-law. It was strange that my mother-in-law was standing and smiling when he was hitting me. After all this it became a trend for them to abuse me and torture me physically. Every morning my mother-in-law used to abuse me and my family. She used to slap me every now and then, and said that ask your parents to give us a car since my son has a car which is 5 years old and wants a new car. My husband used to hit me every night on one or the other pretext. Though it was a second marriage for me and I wanted this marriage to work out I did not retaliate to whatever was happening with me.

On xx/yy/20zz, my parents invited my husband for my nephew's birthday. He refused (and said) that he will not come for the birthday party. I tried to make him understand that there will be many people around, and it doesn't look nice if I go alone. After a long discussion he came along with me but with great reluctance.

On xx/yy/20zz, my parents had called my husband and his family for lunch. They stayed here for not more than 2 hours. My mother tried to talk to my mother-in-law about my husband behaving like this with me. My mother-in-law asked my mother to shut up and she threatened my mother that if she says anything regarding this topic, then abc will have to face consequences.

Since I wanted a change, I decided to start working, which was resisted by my husband and my mother-in-law. They said who is going to cook for him (my husband). I told them that I will do all the cooking before I left for work and on that condition I was allowed to work. Thus I joined xyz company. My timings were from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. Since I had to travel by metro I used to leave at 8:15 am and come back by 7:30 pm. Whenever I used to come from work they used to refuse to open the door, and finally when they used to allow me to enter the house, my husband would abuse me and also slap me. I was not even given enough food to eat. They used to say that go out and eat, we will not give you food in this house, and every day I was abused by my mother-in-law, father-in-law, and my husband. I worked in abc company only for 9-10 days as my mother-in-law forced me to leave the job, saying that I have to do the household work which is more important. The day I had to join the company my mother-in-law did not let me eat anything and said that you are going to office, eat something there only, and she abused me.

My mother-in-law had taken all my jewellery on the very first day that I came into their house. On xx/yy/20zz there was a function in my bua's place. I asked her for the jewellery. She refused to give it to me. I said there is a function, what will I wear? Still she refused to give it to me saying that it is lying in the locker. I had to then borrow the jewellery from my mother to wear on that occasion.

On xx/yy/20zz my mami called my husband and invited all of us for lunch on Sunday. He told my mami that we will come. I asked him that time should we go on Sunday to my mami's place? He refused to go and said that if you want to go you go, we will not go. On xx/yy/20zz my mother-in-law called up my mother and threateningly said that since abc is not doing the household work properly my son will not go anywhere with her. My mother-in-law then started abusing me saying that I am not capable of bearing a child therefore I should leave the house and go. She further said that I had been brought to the house to bear a child. She told me to pack my bags and get out of the house. Since I was upset and had no one to turn to I came away to my parents' place thinking since next day was a Sunday, I will come and speak to my husband.

After I came to my parents' home my mother-in-law started calling my mami and started threatening her that we have been cheated, no car was given in the marriage nor cash of Rs. 1,00,000/- was given as demanded by them that abc has failed to bear a child till now and is not doing the household work properly. On xx/yy/20zz itself she called my mami 3-4 times. Under the circumstances I did not feel it right to go back even to collect my clothes. My husband also did not call me up to talk.

In order to save my marriage, I thought of going back and on xx/yy/20zz I went there but my mother-in-law did not open the door, and I was standing there for more than 15 minutes.

Again on xx/yy/20zz I went there this time they had installed a camera on the entrance so that they could see who is at the door. Again I rang the bell and stood there for 15 minutes, and came back. On xx/yy again I went but door was again not opened for me inspite of the care that I took of my husband.

I was served with a legal notice dated xx/yy/20zz asking me to come back. But when I got back, my in-laws and husband did not let me inside the house. My husband has also filed for divorce for false reasons.

Thus, I request you to take appropriate action against my mother-in-law and husband for torturing me and demanding dowry.

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