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My name is Manish Udar. This website is my creative endeavour. I have lived, worked and studied in five different countries. I have worked as a faculty member in four different colleges, and have taught in two more, on two different continents. I live in Delhi. My main work these days includes research, writing, advocacy for men oppressed by bad laws, and of course, reading. I interact with a number of people from various strata of society on a regular basis. I do this mainly for the furtherance of my major objective, which is the creation of a just nation and world.

Here are some fun facts about my self which I have discovered in the last year. There is something called Myers-Brigg Personality Type. My MB PType is INFP. This is something I share with the man quoted on the homepage of this website, Ray Bradbury. I searched for his p-type and (Yeats') on a hunch that it would be the same as mine, as indeed it turned out to be. Others who have had or have this personality type are Shakespeare, Milton, Blake (another man I admire deeply from my youth), Gogol, Rowling (JK), Kafka, Jesus, Tolkien, Homer, Rousseau, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow from Friends, Orwell, Van Gogh, Hans Christian Andersen, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Jacqueline Kennedy, Edgar Allan Poe, Kierkegaard, Camus, Aldous Huxley, Helen Keller, Princess Diana, and John Kerry. I think this is distinguished company. I cannot find the Myers Brigg personality type of Dostoevsky (who suffered from epilepsy, as did I until a bit more than fifteen years ago), but I suspect that he belongs in this grouping too.

There is a possiblity that my MBTI p-type might be INTP (or I might be swinging between types), which again is really good in my opinion, as Socrates (another man I admire as much as Blake) belonged to this grouping. (These PTypes are conjectures in more ways than one if I comprehend them well.) Interestingly, a teacher of mine, Captain Prem Jolly Peterson, had named me 'philosopher' when I was in class III in Laxman Public School here in Delhi. I am told that my name also means philosopher, or 'of the mind' in Sanskrit.

The last thing about myself which I am going to write here (and which I have discovered in the last year, though it was not much of a surprise) is that I have an intelligence quotient of 138, which puts me in the category called 'gifted', which is one notch below the highest, the genius category, if I am not mistaken. Again, genius can authentically be measured by achievement only, not paper tests.

In my childhood I used to say to my elders that I would get married to a woman named Saraswati. In a way I am indeed married to Saraswati, although I am single.

I believe that there are more universes of the size of the observable universe in the entire universe than the 80th power of the number of planck spaces that can fit into the observable universe. (A planck space is much smaller than the smallest atom, proton, electron, quark, gluon, or neutrino. There are about one googol planck spaces in a cubic inch.)

If you wish to meet me, read the questions and answers page.

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