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18) Answer added on 11th December 2014: Divorced Muslim Wife Misuses DV / CrPC125 / IPC498a for legal Counterattack
17) Answer added on 07th October 2014: Complications caused by Living Separately followed by NRI Status
16) Answer added on 03rd October 2014: 498a Victim Family facing Extortion from their own Lawyers
15) Answer added on 25th September 2014: An NRI Intellectual Husband develops Cold Feet, causing an Untenable Situation
14) Answer added on 15th April 2014: Hamlet Fears a Dowry Case
13) Answer added on 10th February 2014: Husband At Fault
12) Answer added on 08th February 2014: NRI on verge of PO status: LOC issued already
11) Answer added on 16th January 2014: A Husband with Self-Defeating Personality Disorder
10) Answer added on 09th January 2014: Narcissist Husband shows Use And Throw Mentality
9) Answer added on 15th December 2013: Uncle and Aunt Dragged Into 498a: Attempted triple Legal Extortion by Wife
8) Answer added on 09th December 2013: Divorce or Psychiatric Treatment: A Harried Wife wants a Solution
7) Answer added on 04th December 2013: NRI Wife Deserted by Husband
6) Answer added on 20th November 2013: AB from overseas for NRI in Dowry Case
5) Answer added on 19th November 2013: Engagement Broken, Father of the would-be Bride Extremely Upset
4) Answer added on 18th November 2013: PIO Worried about Extradition and Parents in India
3) Answer added on 8th November 2013: Can I Trust the Police?
2) Answer added on 5th November 2013: Wife Trying to Enter House: No Interim Order in PIP
1) Answer added on 2nd November 2013: Is a Summons meant to be In Writing only always?

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