498a Victim Family facing Extortion from their own Lawyers

Here is a strange case. OR should I say that a case which is not very strange in our country. As can be seen elsewhere on this website, dowry case accused persons in general have a deep distrust of their lawyers. One such family is facing extortion from their own lawyers. This is a clear game of extortion simplicitus by two participants in my humble opinion. Let us go to the query at hand without much ado.

Dear Manish,
I read some of the information regarding 498a in your blog, it is really helpful, below is my situation, please advise how to go about it.

My brother is married for over 10 years, and he and his wife have 2 children. They were living separately, his wife suspects him in all sorts of things and they quarrel frequently; now she has falsely framed and filed FIR against her husband, brother-in-law and mother-in-law for IPC 498a, 504, 324, 506. We consulted a lawyer, who agreed to get anticipatory bail for 15,000 for three of us within a day. After few hours he calls up and demands 45,000 more to get the anticipatory bail. We asked to stop the proceeding and consulted another lawyer, who agreed for the same amount for 15,000 to get anticipatory bail and he informed that it will take at least 1 week.

After few days the 2nd lawyer said that both the lawyers have filed for the anticipatory bail, he asked us to ask the first lawyer to withdraw. When I contacted the first lawyer, he was not willing to withdraw, was demanding more money and threatened that he will cancel the bail proceeding. He said that we will face arrest and will subsequently need to go to high court for bail. Second lawyer says tnat he will proceed only when the first lawyer withdraws or gives No Objection Certificate. We are innocent and this is a new experience for us. Please advise what we can do.

Please confirm that your phone numbers given on your google plus profile are correct.



Dear Venkatesh
I would suggest informing the police and writing a letter to the chief justice of the local high court with the details of your situation. But be careful to communicate completely and properly. If you go around emailing people and asking them to confirm telephone numbers which they have put up on their websites, they may think that you have some loose screw. I know and understand that you are mentally disturbed but all people do not think about such details before reaching conclusions. Meeting a psychiatrist might be good for you at this time.

Manish Udar

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