The Husband is Clearly at Fault Here

Hi Manish,
My name is Mithilesh Kumar residing in Mumbai. I got married on xxth April 20xx in my village which is in UP. My wife is also from Mumbai and her native place is also in UP. My In-laws had a very deep desire to gift their first son-in-law (i.e. me) a car. As we didn't need a car, we opposed it, with the reasoning why to take a favour if we are capable of purchasing the same. But our opposition didn't stand for a long time as my in-laws convinced my parents that they had a deep desire to do vidaai of their daughter in a gifted car. Some how they convinced my parent to give car but on loan which would be in my name and they will pay the entire amount after marriage as they were overloaded with the need for other arrangements.

Believe me Manish, on hearing this from my parents I opposed it strongly and said that he is fooling us. But my parent convinced me saying that he is giving his daughter to us how would any one do this type of mischief and ruin their daughter's life and my parents said that these people have a desire so we should respect their feelings. And finally, I purchased a car on down payment given by in-laws. He showed to entire community that he had given the car to his daughter but didn't tell anyone that it was on loan. After marriage he didn't pay the full amount of the car and started to pay the EMIs. This knocked us but we ignored it saying that he is paying the EMIs atleast. After 4 months he stopped paying the EMIs also saying that he is in a bad financial situation and would pay afterwards. We decided to pay the EMIs also as money is not worth more than relationships. But this continued for 7 months. I and my parents were not able to digest thing now. We started to oppose them and said that this not good. In return he abused us saying you people don't deserve to have a car.

Even my wife started to support them. This added more problems in my family...everyday my wife would have fights with me and my parents on small nonsensical things. On xxth May 20yy, around 11 pm my wife starting abusing me and fighting on the car issue. It was unbearable so I called her dad to tell him that you take your car which is destroying my family. That fellow rather than listening to me he also started abusing me on the phone and said that he is coming there to take his daughter away. Around 12.30 am, he reached my home in a drunken state and without asking any thing he started abusing me and he got physical on me. So, I thrashed him in full swing. Meanwhile, I had my elder nephew at our home as his vacation was going on. He called my elder sister who lives 2 kilometres away from my home. She came to my house with the police. Police initially thrashed my father in-law for creating a mess at midnight and that too in a drunken state. But they took a U-turn when he said that I had hit his daughter and my wife gave a statement in his support. So police took me to the police station.

My parents followed me to the police station. Police supported my wife and starting to note down her complain. But, after certain discussions with lady police with my wife, she didn't file any complain. Police recommended me to let my wife go with her father as she would be mentally disturbed. But I insisted upon taking her home as she was 8 months pregnant and all her medications were going on here at a hospital near my home. After coming home, she started to behave more violently.....and after 10 days her came father came and took her away again abusing us. We had filled a non cognisable complaint on the same day to show that her father has abused us and taken his daughter. After this for the last nine months both the families are not interacting with each other. We were not able to go and see our baby also. In between she had come twice but full of anger and blackmailed us for booking under 498A.

First question is can I get anticipatory bail and how? I don't believe her, her dad and mom.

Second question, will the NCC be useful for me to prove that she was at her parent's place from the day the when the NCC was filed? If not what will the way to show that she is at her parent's place for a long time, without letting her know?

I request you Manish to suggest on these 2 question after going through the above matter.

Mithilesh Kumar.


This is all nonsense. Grow up. You request her very humbly to bring the child and live with you. Forget about police bail dowry case etc.

Manish Udar

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