Should I trust the Police?

Dear sir,
I am getting a lot of help from the police in my case. They helped me to get anticipatory bail and other legal concessions. Now the time has come for regular bail. They are asking me to go through this step in a way which requires me to trust them totally and gives them the power to sabotage my complete case / take my money and run. Should I trust them?

Kutty Thiruvengadam


Dear Shri Thiruvengadam
Trust is something which is very rare in this world. Perhaps this is rightly so(./?) I do not see the need to trust anyone who has not earned your trust. I am not sure if it is a good idea to categorise people in terms of their occupation with a view to establishing whether they are trustworthy or not. I think that statements like "militarymen are trustworthy", "police employees cannot be trusted", "teachers can be trusted", "chartered accountants cannot be trusted", "lawyers can be trusted" etc. are illogical due to being incompletely reasoned. Individuals can earn our trust, whole occupations normally cannot.

On a more practical note, what do the police have to lose if they turn you in? Their legal role is to ensure that you get convicted –or is it not? You may note that regular bail is not required if you have obtained anticipatory bail at the beginning of the case. I do not know the details of your case, but something seems fishy here.

Paying for favours where it is legally not permitted to do so is dangerous, but the question which you have asked is not related to that. All the same let me observe that to pay and then to put yourself in an unpredictable situation will most probably not appear to be a wise thing to do to most people –and quite rightly so, in my humble opinion. However this is a minor question in my view. The main point which you have raised is about trust– the very foundation of life, and an issue with which you are perhaps struggling due to being backstabbed by your wife.

Manish Udar

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