Tricky Stridhan List submitted at CAW Cell by a Wife

This list is tricky in this writer's opinion because it uses unclear language and mixes gifts given by parents and in-laws into one heading. The language used is accusatory, and every putative thing that has been gifted has been labelled as dowry. Preparing an admit list for such a stridhan list is slightly more difficult than preparing a reply to a typical stridhan list. You might think that this list is less dangerous than a typical list because the number of items is lesser here. This is incorrect for the reasons mentioned, plus the fact that the amounts in this list are (I have to say possibly) inflated and add up to a tidy sum.

This list in its present avatar is a typical scare tactic because it has the effect of mentally disturbing the husband's family due to the combination of high figures, pressure to compromise, and unquestioning acceptance of the wife's version by the CAW Cell. Get used to taking scare tactics in your stride in this battle.

Text of the list follows:

List of expenditure, and gifts and jewellery given to victim and his family as per their demands:

1) First meeting with victim and family: xyz club/restaurant. The total expenditure was Rs. 5000/-

2) xx/yy/20zz. The roka ceremony was held at my place: Cash given to them was 5100/- each to all the 4 members who came for Roka ceremony and sweet boxes. The total expenditure was Rs. 30,000/-

3) On xx/yy/20zz, the engagement ceremony was held in xyz club at such and such location in Delhi. The gifts and the jewellery given to them:

3 gold coins (10 grams each)
1 pair of gold tops (8 grams)
1 diamond ring (10 grams). At that time the ring's value was Rs. 65,000/-
1 gold ring (10 grams)
1 gold ring (12 grams)
Cash given to them: 1.5 lakhs
Titan watch worth Rs. 7,000/-
The total expenditure on the engagement ceremony was Rs. 2.5 lakhs

4) On xx/yy/20zz, Marriage:

The total expenditure on marriage was 8 lakhs
The total expenditure on clothes was Rs. 2.5 lakhs
The total expenditure on the gifts and the clothes given to them on marriage was Rs. 1.5 lakh rupees

5) List of jewellery given to me by my parents and in-laws which is lying with my mother-in-law:

4 gold bangles (12 grams each)
2 diamond karas (the value of the karas is Rs. 2.5 lakhs)
1 diamond set (the set is worth Rs. 4 lakhs)
1 gold set (24 grams)
1 gold set (35 grams)
1 pair of jhumkas (10 grams)

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