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1) The writer is not an expert in the field of law or psychiatry or a qualified lawyer or even a law student, although he studies law independently outside any academic framework. He is a part-time clerk in a law office though. He is a well-known person in the field of architectural education, and he has good knowledge of urban sustainability issues. His articles have appeared on the editorial page of the Hindustan Times, including a comment piece about a supreme court double bench decision. He has been extensively published in the field of urban sustainability. He also has an interest in learning about the internet, information technology, socialism, and a balanced and just way of living.

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7) The writer knows about 498a, divorce, and other laws from books etc. and a little bit of personal experience.

8) The writer does not have any training in psychiatry.

9) The writer has not gained white hair by sitting in the sun. He knows about life. But again, no consequent warranty or guarantee or payment for any loss suffered or damages is offered as a result of following or not following any advice given or not given by him.

10) I accept no liability.

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12) The point of view of this site is to protect men from false dowry harassment charges, and other false allegations; and to argue against unfair laws.

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