Typical Pre-emptive Complaint against Mrs. 498a

If your wife has left you for unexplained reasons, you might wish to consider making a pre-emptive complaint against her at your local police station. Such a complaint comes in handy at the time when she decides to file any sort of charges against you in court or at the CAW Cell. This is also called a non-cognisable complaint or an NCC because it is usually not actionable at the police station level, and needs to be followed up with a court order to start any kind of proceedings.

To Station House Officerxxth Month 20zz
xyz Colony Police Station
New Delhi

Madam / Sir,
This is to inform you that my son 498a victim got married to Mrs. 498a, daughter of abc xyz, resident of xyz colony/village on xxth Month 20zz at Venue, xyz road, abc colony, New Delhi. Following the marriage, Mrs. 498a moved to our house at house no yy/yy, xyz colony. She continued to make frequent visits to her parents’ home. Marriage was normal, with cordial relations and without any rancour from either side (this is optional(actually everything is optional)). Our son tried his best to make her feel at home and participated in her hobby of going to a particular temple in xyz area every (day of week), where she is a long-standing devotee. He also went with her regularly to the local gym, and a few times to malls, restaurants, and movies.

From xxth Month 20zz, without any provocation, fight, argument, overt disagreement, or even any heated discussion, Mrs. 498a, without declaring her decision, stopped having conjugal relations with 498a victim, and even stopped any display of physical affection.. About a fortnight later, when 498a victim requested her to resume normal married relations, she said that there was no “connection” between her and 498a victim, and she would not resume normal relations. She stayed in our house as a member of the family till xxth Month 20zz. In between she took her jewellery (on xxth Month, 20zz), some clothes (also on xxth Month, 20zz), and the marriage album (on xxth Month, 20zz) to her parents’ place and left them there. On xxth Month she took a few bags of clothes, and saying that she will be back on the next Tuesday, she left our house, and till date has not returned to stay. She still keeps the keys to her almirah, as was her practice even while she was living with us, while she was in the house or outside. (Details about taking away jewellery etc. may be withheld at this stage. Talk to your lawyer.)

On xxth Month 2012 afternoon, when I was alone in the house, she came with her mother, opened her almirah, and took almost all her clothes. She came again on the xxth of Month, this time alone, and shouted at and abused me and my wife and left after half an hour. Again she came on Saturday, xxth Month, 20zz, took some more clothes from her almirah and left after one hour without saying even a word. On xxth Month, 2012, her mother abc xyz called my wife on the telephone, and abused and threatened her.

Sir, we are senior citizens and we are alone in our home during daytime. We are afraid that Mrs. 498a or her family may attempt to harm us or to foist some false charges on us.

Thanking you
Faithfully yours

name of father
house no. yy/yy, xyz colony
New Delhi-1100xx

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