Typical Husbands who get 498a Complaints against them

दहेज प्रताड़ना आक्षेप सहने वाले पति: प्रारूपिक ४९८अ पीड़ित पति
"तू काणी मैं कूब्बा
दो घर डूबते एक डूबा"

— Ancient Jat wisdom
There are many types of husbands who get 498a complaints made against them. Some of them are criminals who deserve to go to jail. A lot of them are victims of false allegations. A lot of them are NRIs or techies. A lot of them have more money than their wives. A lot of them are people whose families gave a lot of gold to the bride during the wedding or after it. Some of them are husbands of possibly adulterous wives. Some of them are NPD patients, and many of them have wives who are NPD patients (see wives page for explanation of NPD). Many of them are fools suffering from self-defeating tendencies.

Husbands who get complained against come from all strata of society. I myself have talked to a book binder, a shop employee, and a call centre employee who had dowry harassment complaints against them. There are also many who come from prosperous families, too. Examples like Prince Tuli, Arjun Singh's grandson, Raghunath Mohanty's son, and the southern actor Prashanth come to mind. It is quite likely that the rich ones are victims of their own success in one out of two different ways. They may exhibit selfish or criminal tendencies because of their money, or they may be facing legal extortion attempts.

Some husbands who face such litigation are selfish jerks. I know this because scores of them have taken advice from me on the phone or on chat or on comments for over more than a few years now, and a significant percentage do not even say thank you at the end of such private conversations. Many even give missed calls, expecting me to call them back to find out their problem and then hopefully solve it. Once it happened that my correspondent started abusing me in his emails for unclear reasons. In the cases of such husbands it just happens that they run into an even more selfish wife who wishes to benefit from biased laws. Some people might say that it is befitting that such men get the royal treatment from their wives, the police, lawyers, and courts.

Many husbands do not stop desiring their wives even after they face fabricated allegations. Such men are at great danger of even more severe self-inflicted suffering than this. They need to get a grip on themselves and on reality. It is not love if a wife files a set of baseless allegations against her husband and his parents. Far from it. There is no possibility of conciliation after such a complaint if the man in question is sane. The only way out of such a situation is divorce.

Some husbands commit suicide or violent acts when they face such situations. This is understandable to a limited extent; I have used the qualifier 'limited extent' because the fact that such behaviour is understandable does not make it correct or beneficial. Why should families have to face death or injury inflicted by their own child on himself? Attacking the wife and/or her parents or near and dear ones also does not solve anything. It complicates matters further and leads to addition of more charges and fresh cases. The original case also gets strengthened by such actions, due to the creation of a bias in the minds of some observers who may be in a position to influence the case.

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